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You could say that Budapest is the ‘bull’s eye’ of European breaks! It’s certainly true that the capital sits in the middle of Hungary, and it plays
a central role in the life of the country too.

This is the hub of political, artistic and social energy. Most importantly, however, Budapest offers a plethora of attractions to rival those
found anywhere in the Carpathian Basin – and, as such, it promises to be a real ‘hit’ with any holidaymaker!

Hungary’s position at the heart of Europe has made its capital one of the region’s most important cities. Such elevated status is reflected in the grandeur of its buildings, bridges and boulevards.

Of course, the city has experienced a turbulent history and some castles,
palaces and fabulous baths have been destroyed. Nevertheless,
many still remain, and these have been supplemented with the modern structures – splendid concert halls, sleek bridges and state-of-the-art wellness centres – of a forward-looking nation embracing the new millennium.

There are impressive natural treasures too.

The River Danube not only transports visitors but defines the landscape, and its Budapest section was deservedly declared a World Heritage Site.

The hills and the flat lands meet in the region spreading away either side of the river, their flora and fauna preserved and maintained in two national parks and numerous natural protection areas. And there are plenty of outdoor activities for those with energy to burn – from cave
climbing to parachuting, from a gentle riverside stroll to a testing jog through the hills.

History, nature, great food and wine, rejuvenating thermal baths, enthralling museums and galleries, top-quality music events, a vibrant nightlife – the city has so much to be experienced, visited and
lived. Whether you’re here for a couple of days or – as we would decidedly recommend – for four or five, you’ll have lots to keep you occupied.

There’s something happening 365 days a year – and 366 if you happen to visit during a leap year! 

So aim for the bull’s eye, enjoy a hit holiday and create memories you’ll cherish forever.

Hungarian National Tourist Office



For VISA requirements please contact:

Mr. Atilla Csabai: +36306415452 (English)

Mr. Tamás Rausch: +36302053871 (Russian and English)

Email: armwrestling_hun@yahoo.com, szovkap@yahoo.com

All visa applications should be sent before 1st July 2017. After this date, the Host Federation is not responsible for visa formalities.

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